Hinthada University Research Journal
Vol. 7, No.1, 2016
Table of Contents

1.    Optical Characteristics of Nickel Substituted Cobalt-Zinc Ferrites Studied by UV-VIS-NIR Spectrosocopy, Nway Nway Khaing et al.
2.    Design and Construction of a Series and Parallel Connected Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Module, Khin Thida Aung et al.
3.    Study on Preparation and Structural Characterization of Nickel Ferrites (NiFe2O4) Ohnmar Win et al.
4.    Characterization of Li3+/Mg SO4, 7H2O Crystal, May Thwe Soe et al.
5.    Extraction of Manganese Sulphate from Local Pyrolusite Ore by Cellulose Reduction Method, Khin Su Su & Kyaw Naing
6.    A Study on the Antimony and Gold Contents in Antimony Ores from Kayin State and Kayah State, Zin Zar Thaw Tun & Tun Tun Naing
7.    Markov Chain Concepts Related to Estimation Algorithms, Thet Paing Soe & Ko Ko Oo
8.    Prediction of Exponential lifetime by using Bayesian Method, Hla Yin Moe
9.    Parental Care of Ornamental Discus Fish, Symphysodon sp. (Heckel, 1840), Aye Aye Cho
10.    Bushmeat Consumption and Fish Supply in Different Villages of Taninthayi Township, Myeik District, San San Hmwe et al.
11.    Investigation of Rice Root Nematode Hirschmanniella oryzae (Luc and Goodey, 1964) in Pyarkatat Cultivated Rice fields at Hinthada Township, Nant Swe Sin Oo & Hla Hla Maw
12.    Effects of Priming Tests and Fertilizer applications on Germination, Growth and Yields of Chilli (Capsicum annuum L.), Moe Moe Khaing & Kyu Kyu    
13.    Botanical Studies and Phytochemical Screening of Peperomia pellucid (L.) Kunth (Thit-Yay-Gyi), Yi Moe Htet et al.
14.    Petrology of the Bodawgyi Area, Madaya Township, Mandalay Region, Myat Mon Mon Htet et al.
15.    Deformation Style of the Western Part of Laymyethna Area, Ayeyawady Region, Tun Tun Min & Saw Ngwe Khaing
16.    Code of Ethics among Siblings, Families and Kin Members Observed from Doctrines of Innwa Era, Myint Myint Naing
17.    An Analysis of the Translation Procedures in the Opening Scene of Not Out of Hate in Comparison with Mone Ywei Ma Hu, Toe Su Hlaing
18.    Transportation-Route Sinuosity of Motor Road within Bago Region (East), Yin Yin Lwin
19.    Geo-informatics for the Land capability of Khabaung Watershed Area by Using Stories Index Rating (SIR), Bago Region, Yu Yu Maw
20.    Geographical Study on the Land Surface Configuration of Hpa-an Town, Kayin State, Mya Nyein Nyein
21.    The Role of Major Henry Burney in Anglo-Myanmar Diplomatic Relations (1830-1938), Maung Maung Hla
22.    Implication and Importance of Duty of Human Beings in Buddhism, Mu Mu Win and Kyi Zar Cho
23.    Significance of Rev. Mahākassapa, Khin Moe Hlaing
24.    The Way to Welfare of Mankind in the Buddhist View, Nu Nu Yin
25.    A Study of the Structure of Pāli Language, Cho Nwe Soe

Hinthada University Research Journal
Vol. 6, No.1, 2015
Table of Contents

1.    Study on Humidity Sensitive Electrical Properties of Nickel Substituted Cobalt Zinc Ferrite for Humidity Sensor Application, Nway Nway Khaing et al.
2.    Arduino Based Home AC Appliances Control Circuit Using IR-Signal, Aye Min and Aye Yu Yu Naing
3.    A Study on Nutrient and Elemental Analysis of Fish Samples from Fishery Pond (Shar-Khae-Gyi-In), Kyonpyaw Township, Ayeyarwady Region, Wint Thu Thu Han and Tun Tun Naing
4.    Removal of Pb(II) Ions in the Aqueous Solution by Using Activated Carbon Derived from Rice Husk, Aye Thinzar Naing and Thinzar Nu
5.    Markov Chains and Transition Probabilities, Ko Ko Oo
6.    Seasonal Abundance of Fish Species in Ga-Tan-Lay Creek, Laputta Township, Min Zaw Latt and Khin Lay Nwe
7.    A Study on Morphological Characters of Wild Mushrooms in the Vicinity of Hinthada University Campus, Moe Moe Khaing
8.    A Study on the Morphology and Socio-economy of Clinogyne dichomata Salish, Sabai and Kyu Kyu
9.    Graptolite Biostratigraphy of Linwe Formation in the Mibayataung area, Southern Shan State, Yè Yint Aung and Chit Sein
10.    Petrography of the Metamorphic Rocks in the Taungnyo Area, Sagaing Township, Sagaing Region, Eisan Mon
11.    Introduction to Myanmar Abbreviation, Aye Mi Aung
12.    Migration of Pattan Village, Taungoo Township and Socio-economic Opportunities, Yin Yin Lwin
13.    Myanma Teak Plantation and Sustainable Conservation (1988-2008), Aye Aye Mu
14.    The Concept of Justice in the View of Socrates, Thet Naing
15.    The Guidance of Pariyatti Sāsanā on Social Dealings, Economy, Education and Health, Thin Thin Aye

Hinthada University Research Journal
Vol. 5, No.1, 2014
Table of Contents

1.    A Study on Microstructural and Electrical Characteristics of Mg (10 Mol. %) Doped CaCO3 Ceramics Films, Thin Thin Naing
2.    Analysis of Optical Model Parameters for S-32 by Using ABRAEX and SCAT2, Hnin Nandar Shwe
3.    Some Facts from the Theory of Continued Fractions, Ko Ko Oo
4.    Economic Importance of Fishes in Hinthada Township, Ayeyawady Region, Kyi Kyi Khin
5.    A Study on Some Odonate Species in Hinthada University Campus, Win Win Myint
6.    Distribution and Status of Snakes around Hinthada University Campus, Ko Myint
7.    A Morphological, Phytochemical and Physico-chemical Investigation of Polygonum chinensis L . (Mmahaga-kyan-sit) ,

Mar Mar Aung
8.    Depositional Environment of Kalaw Red Beds in the east of Yegyanzin Area, Pindaya Township, Kaung Sithu and Chit Sein
9.    Cock Crowing; A Time Mark of Myanmar Tradition, Cho Cho Thwin
10.    A Brief Study on the Language of Newspaper Headlines Used in “New Light of Myanmar”, Sandar Moe
11.    The Judicial System in Yadanapon Period (1852-188), Aye Aye Mu
12.    A Study on the Colonial Administration in Myanmar (1886-1945), Toe Toe Kyaw
13.    The Three Maxims in the Myth of Maung Pauk Kyaing, Mar Mar Soe
14.    The Significant Roles of Sacca, Thinn Thinn Aye